Doctoral studies regulations

Doctoral Studies Regulations of Faculty 08 - Physikcs, Mathematics and Computer Science

The new doctoral degree regulations apply to all doctoral candidates of Faculty 08 – Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science from February 18, 2014 onwards. Simultaneously, the old regulations of Departments 17 to 22 from 30. April 1990 expire, excluding the following exception.

Doctoral candidates who applied properly before February 18, 2014 may choose to submit their application for admission according to the old degree regulations within three years after the commencement of the new regulations (until February 17, 2017). (see: § 38 "Übergangs- und Schlussbestimmung", Promotionsordnung des Fachbereichs 08 - Physik, Mathematik und Informatik).


Doctoral Degree Regulations of Department 08 - Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science

dated December 02, 2013, inured on Feburary 18, 2014

This translation has no legal validity; it serves merely as an aid to understanding the German original. Only the regulations in German published in the Official Publications of Johannes Gutenberg University (Veröffentlichungsblatt der Johannes Gutenberg- Universität) have legal validity. Find the German version here.

Public Notification of the Revised Version of the Doctoral Degree Regulations of Departments 17 to 22 - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Biology, Geosciences of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz

dated 30 April 1990, [published in the Staatsanzeiger No. 23, p. 615]


Original version in German:

Promotionsordnung des Fachbereichs 08 - Physik, Mathematik und Informatik

vom 02. Dezember 2013, in Kraft getreten am 18. Februar 2014

Promotionsordnung der Fachbereiche 17 bis 22 vom 30. April 1990 i.d.F.

vom 28. September 2004 (Staatsanzeiger Nr. 23, p. 615)

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