Faculty 08: Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science


 Institute of Physics

 Institute of Physics

Elementary Particle Physics

THEP | Theoretical High Energy Physics

ETAP | Experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics

Condensed Matter Physics KOMET

Condensed Matter Theory Group

Strongly correlated electron systems

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Colloidal Dispersions


Quantum, Atomic and Neutron Physics QUANTUM

Cold Ions and Experimental Quantum Information

Laserspectroscopy, Ion Traps and Applications

Atomic and Neutron Physics

Neutrino Mass and Detectors

 Institute of Nuclear Physics

Institute of Nuclear Physics


A1 - Electron Scattering

A2 - Real Photons

A4 - Parity Violation

X1 - X-Ray Radiation

External Experiments


Theory Group

 Institute for Atmospheric Physics

 Institute of 

Atmospheric Physics

Theoretical Meteorology

Theoretical Cloud Physics

Earth System Modelling

Aerosol and Cloud Physics

Airborne Measurements and Transport Processes

Atmospheric Trace Gases

 Institute of Mathematics 

Institute of Mathematics

Algebraic Geometry

Complex Analysis

Computer Algebra

Didactics of Mathematics

Differential Equations

Functional Analysis

Geometry and Topology

Group Theory

History of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Number Theory

Numerical Mathematics


 Institute for Computer Science

  Institute of Computer Science


Computational Geometry

Data Mining

Efficient Computing and Storage Systems

High Performance Computing

Scientific Computing and Bioinformatics

Sports Computer Science

Visual Computing