EU-Funded Projects

Faculty 08 is involved in the following projects:

Coordinated by JGU


An Effective Field-Theory Assault on the Zeptometer Scale: Exploring the Origins of Flavour and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (Prof. Neubert)

ERC Advanced Grant

JGU as Project Partner

» HadronPhysics2

Study of Strongly Interacting Matter (Dr. Ralph Böhm)

Capacities Research Infrastructures


Atomic Quantum Technologies Integrating Project (Prof. Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler)

Cooperation ICT


European Nuclear Science and Applications Research (Prof. Klaus Wendt)

Capacities Research Infrastructure


Diamond based atomic nanotechnologies (Prof. Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler)

Cooperation ICT


Interfacing Oxides (Prof. Kläui)

Cooperation ICT


Marie Curie Initial Training Network "Controlling domain wall dynamics for functional devices" (Prof. Kläui)

» InSpin

Insulator Spintronics (Prof. Kläui)

Cooperation ICT

» MoQuaS

Molecular Quantum Spintronics (Prof. Kläui)

Cooperation ICT