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Mainz physicists propose a new method for monitoring nuclear waste
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Scientists demonstrate scenarios for using neutrino detectors in nuclear interim storage facilities  ... 

New proton record: Researchers measure magnetic moment with greatest possible precision

High-precision measurement of the g-factor eleven times more precise than before / Results indicate a strong similarity between protons and antiprotons  ... 

Quantum computing on the move
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Researchers from the University of Mainz have demonstrated the operation of a four-qubit register comprised of atomic ions trapped in microchip trap  ... 

Chromosomes may be knotted
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Mainz-based physicists use mathematical algorithms to examine experimental 3D structures of chromosomes  ... 

Riddle of matter remains unsolved: Proton and antiproton share fundamental properties
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Magnetic forces in antiprotons now measured to nine significant digits / 350 times more precise than before  ... 

Good start into the German Excellence Strategy competition: JGU to submit full proposal for its PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence
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International expert committee approves the PRISMA+ proposal for the final round of the nationwide competition  ... 

Imaging how magnetism goes surfing
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Researchers use advanced dynamic imaging to visualise deformation (sound) waves in crystals  ... 

Physicists of Mainz University have used computer simulations to study the arrangement of stiff polymers in spherical cavities
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Confined systems play an important role for a wide range of applications

Physicists of Mainz University win world record
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Guinness World Records™ confirms Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz as holder of the world record for the largest magnetic ball accelerator / Hundreds of visitors fascinated by insights into the world of physics  ... 

XENON1T proves to be the most sensitive detector on Earth searching for WIMP dark matter
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Now the most sensitive dark matter experiment world-wide can much better listen for the very weak voice of dark matter   ... 

Physicist Johannes Henn receives ERC Consolidator Grant
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Funding to the amount of approximately EUR 2 million for the development of new calculation methods for theoretical physics  ... 

Experiment involving ultracold rubidium lifts off with research rocket
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Physicists create basis for accurately testing Einstein's equivalence principle / Bose-Einstein condensate generated in space for the first time  ... 

Magnetic moment of a single antiproton determined with greatest precision ever
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Physicists publish most accurate measurement of a fundamental property of the antiproton to date / Contribution to the matter-antimatter debate  ... 

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz to collaborate with US research center Fermilab near Chicago
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Collaboration agreement signed / Expansion of the university's international research network  ...