Conference on Functional Analysis on the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of Professor Bernhard Gramsch

October 17/18, 2008

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz,

Hörsaal N1 (Muschel)


Friday, October 17

14:00h Opening

14:30h L.A. Coburn (Buffalo, USA), Berezin’s operator calculus: regularity estimates and applications

15:30h Coffee/tea break

16:15h D. Vogt (Wuppertal), Fréchet valued real analytic functions

17:30h E. Schrohe (Hannover), Index theory for boundary value problems

19:00h Conference Dinner

Saturday, October 18

9:00h F. Ali-Mehmeti (Valenciennes, France), Reflexion and transmission of dispersive waves in networks: the dynamics of the tunnel effect

10:00h W. Bauer (Greifswald), Spectral analysis and geometry of a sub-Riemannian structure on S3 and S7

11:00h Coffee/tea break

11:15h V. Kostrykin (Mainz), Über indefinite quadratische Formen

12:15h E. Albrecht (Saarbrücken), Spectral properties of averaging operators on Bloch and Besov spaces

Registration and Information:

Volker Bach, FB 08-Institut für Mathematik, Uni Mainz, 55099 Mainz, +496131-3922269, +49179-9148396

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